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How do i get this software to my School?

Fill the consultancy form and we will get back to you ( or Call 08053988063).

Can I completely purchase the software?

Yes, Please fill the form and we will get back to you

What is the financial implications on getting the software?

We have several payment plans that our sales personnel will discuss with you when you fill the form

Do i need to pay before i get the software running in my School?

No compulsory financial demand is made on the School until all promised is being delivered. We have some exceptions though.

Can i be a reseller of this software?

Yes, Fill the online form and we will get back to you.

Who are the primary users of these software?

The Admin (secretary, front-desk personnel, principal, bursar etc), Parents, Teachers, Students/Pupils

Can i use this software with my mobile device?

Yes, the software has a mobile view and also a mobile app

What Curriculum those this software run?

It runs any curriculum that the school is acquainted with

Can a Parent/Guardian view the term progress of another child?

No, Only the ward of the Parent/Guardian

How safe is this software? considering the presence of Hackers

The Software stands very secure as our team is constantly guarding the software coupled with the nature with which it was built.

Can i add more features to the software for my School?

Yes you can, if you can think it, we can do it. The software is built to adapt to any management style of any School.

How do we get to learn how to use the software?

After engagement, a support staff is attached to the School to carry out all necessary tutorials about the software